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Have a vision? We help individuals take their vision to the next level. Building business credit is they only way to have a business that can compete in todays market.


You have to take action. You will be involved in our process. No more quick schemes! If you want real business credit you have to build it. Take responsibility for your future!


It's easy to get results when your doing things the right way. Don't be fooled by companies or even worse individuals saying they can do it faster. You also run the risk of loosing money and time. Build it the right way the first time!
You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love!
Mel Briggs

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You have made the first step into the right direction! We establish all credit accounts on your behalf!

Step 1

We start by making sure that your business can be seen as compliant by the lending industries. Compliance includes, llc or inc paperwork, Dunns# creation, business address, business phone number, 411 listing, and directory submissions. Being compliant is the single most important step to funding. We will then establish Step 1 vendor accounts which are typically net 30 terms. Net 30 terms means the account must be paid in full in 30 days.

Step 3

Finally! Step 3 is what you have been waiting for. If you followed the simple rules of Step 1 & 2 you are now ready for unsecured revolving business visa and master card credit lines totaling more than $35,000.00 in available credit limits. These cards unlike the other steps these cards can be used worldwide at millions of locations to access cash and make purchases. Remember this should not be used as a license to spend. Please take in consideration the process that you used to get her and if you respect your business there will be more funding to come.


Step 2

In Step 2 we begin to establish revolving vendor accounts which include some on the big names you may be familiar with, Home Depot, Lowes,Chevron etc. In this step your payments will change from full balance to minimum payments due each month (this process works just like a traditional credit card). During this process you will be making purchases of your choice from each account for at least $50.00. Remember to not to max your accounts limits and make your payments 5 days early.


Success! You have completed the three step program and have a minimum of $50,000.00 in business accounts. Remember to pay your bills on time. You can choose to set up more companies if you wish. You can own and operate as many businesses as you can keep in good standing. We do offer a yearly membership that entitles you to assistance with additional funding and business credit disputes helping keep your business fundable.


Our pricing structure is simple and easy. We can do all of the work or majority of the work you choose.


Building business credit will increase your productivity by far!

Building business credit will open up many doors which lead to great opportunities. You will no longer face the issues of lenders and potential clients wondering if your business is the right business to work with. By building business credit you allow yourself to do and become more. Get started today and change the way you do business forever!
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